Canine Adventure started in 2004 when I (Steve) grew tired of the 9-5 routine.
I love dogs and the outdoors. I just love the look on a pooch's face when you say the words "Do you want to go for a walk?"
The Adventure walks are off-leash hikes in the East Bay Regional Park open space areas or an equivalent.  Because of this, dogs that go on these adventure walks must be in good physical shape, non-aggressive and able to obey voice commands.  Expect your dog to get dirty on these types of walks every once in awhile.  Because we often will walk in areas where cattle may be grazing, it is very important that your dog not chase or attack the cows or wildlife (like deer, turkey, squirrels, etc.) for their own safety. However, because we realize the temptation may be too great for some, we have started to utilize GPS trackers to allow us to easily locate your pet should they run off.
Adventure walks will typically be about 1.5 to 2 hours in duration and can be 3 miles or more in distance.  Expect your dog to sleep well after an adventure walk!
Canine Adventure walks are only recommended for dogs that are 9 months of age or older.  Dogs younger than 9 months still need time for their bones and muscles to develop before letting them loose on the open spaces.

Rates are $30 per dog per walk.  Discounts for more than one dog being walked from the same house are available.

If you are interesting in having your pet become a Canine Adventure dog, please call Steve at (925) 382-5570 to get more information or to set up an appointment. 

For Canine Adventure dogs, we also offer overnight stays in our home so you can go away and know your pet is well cared for by someone they already know and trust.

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